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Vaping has taken many parts of the world by storm. So, it was only appropriate that we here picked it up as well––and in such an alarming speed. Garuda Vape Store was among the first that seized the opportunity out of the trend and opened its outlet at ITC Kuningan, Jakarta. And the rest? Well, let's just say it's a low hanging fruit.




Answering the immense demand, Garuda Vape Store has recently opened a couple of branches. One of them is the Gandaria branch in Kebayoran Baru. Located in the heart of Jakarta Selatan, it didn't take long before cloud chasers starting to swarm in. Most of them are loyal customers who find the proximity of the new outlet to be more convenient.



To lots of vapers, Garuda is known for its vast array of mods, with price ranging from Rp. 400.000 to millions of rupiah. There are also some types that hard to come by, e.g., the Boxer with DNA or Yihi chip inside. And, it cannot be taken lightly too when it comes to liquid. Fully supported by EJM, the largest liquid distributor in Indonesia, this store stocks only the best imported juices.


While some may say that they can score all of those supplies from somewhere else, which is true––it's pretty much the staff that makes the difference. They're very proficient and uber-friendly. They'll be more than happy to share all the know-hows, or, to tweak your gear so you can enjoy vaping even more. And with the place being really homey at Gandaria, it's not a rare sight that we see customers kicking back, chatting with the staff and with other fellow vapers for hours.


Jl. Kebayoran Baru no. 66A, Jakarta Selatan

Phone; 021 2708-1754


by Arthur Manoppo

Photos: Syafril Harsanto


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