5 Reasons Why Sharp R1 Would Be A Good Fit For The Millennials




The Sharp R1 claims to be the perfect companion for The Millennials. With such bold statement, comes a great consideration what is it that makes this phone a good fit for the millenial generations. So here are the top 5 Reasons why this smartphone can be the true partner for millennial's urban lifestyle. This is based on my first hands-on experience with the phone, and small research, I have had on The Millennials and their Smartphones.



Well, Millennials aren't classified as millennial without technology and social-connection. The two are insepperable. The Millenials grew up with technology, especially smartphones, that which becomes heavily imprinted on their daily lives as millennial. The Millennials lived in their social lives through smartphone. They're socially connected with their smartphones and they always want to do more with, well... everything. For example, seek bargains and buy things online through phones, catching up with friends online, watching new flicks over the net, co-creating for social cause, and, making money from the internet. 


As a smartphone, I must say that Sharp R1 pretty much captures the eye of a millennial, which is being able to "do more" and not looking too mainstream.


Display: Sharp R1 uses a 2.5 D Aqua glass which makes the phone looks more premium and has aesthetic curved-edge design. The aqua glass is able to display natural, high-def, crisp and vivid color.


Camera: The main is a 8 mega-pixels camera and the back is 13 mega-pixels. Coined, would make vloggers and social media influencers happy with the results: eye-catching stills, and videos. Not everyone know, Sharp have had a long history in camera phone. “Sharp built the First camera phone, and has improving them ever since”, Jhonny Lin, President Director of Sharp Mobile Indonesia said, during a media meet up, held today in Jakarta. 


Design: The build quality is good. It feels solid yet maintains aesthetic. Full-metal body shaping techniques has produced more premium looking results.


Battery: Sharp R1 packs a 4.000 mAh. That's such a big source of power for surfing online. “Sharp R1can hold a 21 hours of video streaming, and 40 hours of streaming music, online”, Sergio Ticoalu, Brand Director of Sharp Mobile Indonesia revealed. "It also can serve as power bank via OTG cable”, he adds.


Performance: For Millennials nothing should gone pear-shaped with their smartphones: no lagging behind, apps should running smoothly. Sharp R1 offers 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory with addition up to 32GB through micro SD card. That can hang mostly bloggers or vloggers daily routines and lifestyles.


To say the least, with a moderate price, The Millennials will get Above-average smartphones that which they will hold most dear for superior display, premium looking, and the capability to “do more” with the long live battery, and technology. 









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